Welcome to the blog world!

Hi!! It’s me in blog form! I am so excited for this new corner of my business! I am hopeful to show off my beautiful brides, wedding content, recent sessions & my personal life!

Social media is great for short tips, hacks and smaller bursts of info but I am excited to share this new platform with you! I have so many thoughts, ideas and hacks for you and your wedding! My goal is to make wedding planning easier on the common bride!

For now, here are some of my favorite Sydney Nicole Photography & Co. portraits and some fun things that make me Sydney! I love glitter, I love a good disco ball (obviously), I am a Swiftie and my favorite Taylor album is reputation. I can make a really good homemade cinnamon roll. Running is my favorite form of exercise, I used to run cross country and track while in school but it has been a little while since I have actually ran in a race, although I’d love to do that again! I am a planner, big time. I love any excuse to plan a party! This year is my parents 25th anniversary so with the help of some family, I threw them a surprise 25th anniversary party with all our closest friends and family! There will be a blog post about it soon and I’ll share all about the details and what went into that!

My whole world are my two boxer babies Lilly and Abby. I was born to be a dog mom. Abby loves the camera but Lilly, not so much. I would like to know how they even know what it is. Abby will be 1 in July and Lilly will be 3 in September!

I love working with other vendors in the wedding world! It really is the best feeling making connections while working toward a common goal of providing the best service possible for your wedding day!

Bear with me as this blogging world is all new for me as of right now but I am so excited to make connections, share new things and hopefully I’ll see YOU make a debut on the blog soon!

June 13, 2024

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