Taylor & William The White Barn at Lucas Farms

Taylor and William had the rainiest rainy wedding day that ever rainy wedding day-ed. Do not let that fool you, we had a wonderful, happy day and even an outdoor ceremony in the rain. The guests chose to stand at the rows of seating under the venue’s large umbrellas attached to the seats. The maid of honor and best man stood with Taylor and Will to keep them covered and protected from the rain. It was a magical experience and even though it was not what they had hoped and prepared for, it was a beautiful day.

In my opinion, challenges like the weather can be discouraging but also they can give you opportunities to get creative and do things you may not think to do if it had been sunny. Take a peek at their nighttime portraits on the porch, they are some of my favorite wedding portraits I’ve ever taken. Now, originally we should have went outside for sunset but since we did not get that opportunity, Taylor changed into her glitter ballgown and we took night portraits under the string lights.

Taylor and Will had a few curveballs thrown to them throughout the day but they made the most of it. They are one of the most charming couples, they both are so thoughtful and treated us like their closest friends. I appreciate them so much, Cheers to the Keims!

September 23, 2023

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