but a passionate artist 

who feels more like a friend than a vendor, then I'm your girl!

Hi! I'm Sydney, the owner of Sydney Nicole Photography & Co.! I would love to tell you a bit about myself! In a nutshell, I'm a veteran Swiftie and a 'The Office' enthusiast. I love glitter and sparkle (hence the disco ball pics.) If I didn't live in West Virginia I would live somewhere near the ocean. It's just like my place, you know? My go-to choice of wine is Pinot grigio and I am an enneagram 8! 
If you were to meet my grandpa, he would tell you one of two stories about me. One being that when I was little, no matter what I was doing, if I noticed a camera I'd immediately smile and pose. I have had a camera in my hands since 2015 and I began pursuing photography professionally while in college. I have now had the privilege of serving many couples, planning and capturing their wedding day. Most often in my couple's feedback I hear about how they FELT while planning and in front of my camera, sometimes more so than about their photos. And that is my goal for you. To make you feel beautiful and supported. To me it doesn't matter if you are having a $100 wedding, a $10,000 wedding or a $100,000 wedding. Your wedding photos should be uniquely you and your partner.  You deserve a wonderful wedding experience, (and beautiful photos!)

A Message from Sydney...

All the pretty all the time @SydneyNicolePhotoCo